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Module and cable vendors compete and collaborate in an ever-evolving landscape maintained by a set of comprehensive compliance standards. MultiLane’s services hold our customers to these standards with our Compliance Testing services. A vital component for operating in the industry, Compliance Testing ensures your devices are up to the standards put forth by organizations like the IEEE.
Examples of standards supported include 100GBase-LR4, PSM4, CWDM4 and CAUI-4. In addition, 400G and 100G Lambda compliance test services are available.

MultiLane also offers specialized System and Interoperability Testing enabling our customers to develop their technologies further by giving them a clearer picture of how their devices will function in a real-life networking environment. System and Interoperability Testing is MultiLane’s more customized approach, with solutions including BER switch, Pre- and post FEC BER link, and CMIS testing.

Compliance & Interop
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Compliance & Interop
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