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At a Glance

  • Data Center Infrastructure Validation including AI Networks.
  • Semiconductor Qualification.
  • Test and Measurement Equipment.
  • 10,000 products shipped per week from our Lebanon HQ.
  • Over 300 employees & 500 customers around the world.
  • More than 500 products developed for 10G-1.6T speeds.

About MultiLane

For over a decade, MultiLane has been supplying the high-speed data center and semiconductor industries with top-tier, scalable test and measurement solutions. We work at the forefront of industry trends, anticipate upcoming technologies, and develop the tools to enable their accelerated creation and adoption. Our portfolio of high-speed I/O test solutions encompasses IC and transceiver characterization, semiconductor testing, active and passive electrical and optical cable testing, system switch cards, link testing, pioneering Automated Test Equipment (ATE), and Network Management Services. Some of the most dominant technology companies in the world rely on MultiLane equipment to build and test their networks.


Fadi Daou


Fadi Daou is a serial High-Tech Entrepreneur with nearly 4 decades’ experience in optical and electrical engineering. MultiLane, his latest venture, is the fifth company he has founded. Under Fadi’s leadership, MultiLane has grown year on year, with 250 employees worldwide, and projected to reach 500 by 2025.

Fadi maintains a strong focus on developing Lebanon as a global high-tech hub through MultiLane’s corporate and CSR ventures, providing career paths for young Lebanese looking to begin their professional journeys, fulfilling the ultimate goal of exporting products, not people, from Lebanon.

Investigate, Innovate, Iterate

MultiLane’s broad portfolio of testing solutions includes Bit Error Rate Testers (BERT), Digital Sampling Oscilloscopes (DSOs), Real-time Oscilloscopes, Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWGs), noise injection technologies for stress testing devices, and Automate Test Equipment (ATE), interconnects, Active and Electrical Loopbacks, and test fixtures for every major form factor used in the industry today. All of our technologies are tailored to the specific pain points we find in our partnerships, resulting in a portfolio designed to address immediate industry concerns with strong follow-up support.

Our Headquarters: Houmal Technology Park

  • Great Work Environment with a capacity of over 1,000 employees.
  • 6,000 sqm Office space.
  • 2,000 sqm Cleanrooms and laboratories.
  • 1,000 sqm Production / Prototyping.
  • Applied Training Center
  • LEED Buildings with renewable energy.
  • 11,000 sqm Community center with guest house and conference area.

Securing the Future for the Next Generation

MultiLane believes that bringing about world we want tomorrow begins today. Our commitment to Innovation for the Next Generation manifests in our CSR strategy as initiatives for securing future and nurturing the next generations of high-tech innovators.

With the increasing impacts of climate change and social injustices exacerbated and accelerated by the pandemic, MultiLane is as committed as ever to the critical actions required to tackle these threats to present and future prosperity.

MultiLane recognizes that fixing these issues is a generational challenge, which is why we have launched several initiatives to help transform the systems that have made issues like climate change or limited work opportunities. MultiLane is fully engaged in the Reduction of CO2 emission and Climate Action. MultiLane has also developed the HTP Academy as the company’s non-profit branch for bringing about systemic social change.

Reduction of CO2 emission and Climate Action

The world faces a significant challenge of climate change and resource scarcity. Efficient resource use benefits ecology and economy, ensuring a high quality of life for future generations. MultiLane, committed to energy conservation, employs measures like solar panels, energy-efficient air conditioners, and paper reduction. We promote environmental awareness among employees, striving for a paperless office and reducing water and electricity usage. To cut carbon emissions, we collaborate across the supply chain, aiming to halve absolute emissions by 2030. In R&D, we focus on programmable consumption in devices, reducing overall power use. Recognizing data centers’ environmental impact, we innovate transceiver technology to achieve substantial energy savings and contribute to global communications while reducing emissions.