Below is a list of high-speed scopes and BERTs that form a direct extender to Advantest’s V93000 ATE tester. In addition to these instruments, MultiLane offers turn-key solutions for ATE testing.

The solution includes application development, including DUT load board design, and embedded high throughput application libraries. These solutions will enable fully automated, at-speed testing up to 112 Gbps of high-speed IO devices.

Click here for a article about High-Speed I/O testing with the power of two.


Part Number

Pattern Length


4 lane 56Gbps (28 GBaud) BERT Cassette


8-lane, 30 GBaud BERT cassette, NRZ/PAM4


4-lane 112Gbps (56 GBaud) BERT cassette


4 Channel 50 GHz Bandwidth Digital Sampling Oscilloscope Cassette


4 lane 112Gbps (56 GBaud) BERT with single-ended high-amplitude outputs for driving EMLs


Family board


Twinning Frame Assembly (includes backplanes and their stiffeners, metal brackets, RF pogo brackets, pressurized air-cooling system, cable feedthrough, power supply and housing, power cabling)


Calibration Kit for BERT and DSO (Stiffener with PCB and break-outs to ML4035 and other references, RF cables and pogo brackets) – Optional