ML4054-400-LP (45)


The ML4054-400 is a fully featured 400G BERT. It has a native CFP8 port and uses CFP8 to QSFP-DD, OSFP and other adapters that are at the same time connector savers and are suitable for testing in an oven and can be replaced by the customer on the fly.

This instrument facilitates production testing since no external cabling is needed. It comes in two different form factors: benchtop and low profile. The low-profile version can be directly mounted on the door of the temperature chamber (cf. description below).

The GUI allows you to individually control each TX level, equalization, eye balance, pattern and coding. The user may also inject error sequences into the stream. The receiver features CTLE and FFE equalization for up to 14 dB of loss at Nyquist; it also allows advanced troubleshooting capabilities.