ML4039B-JIT (f)
ML4039B-JIT Gen2


The ML4039B-JIT is a full feature four-lane differential 100 Gb/s NRZ BERT that covers bitrates of 1.25 to 30 Gbps. It contains four integrated Pulse Pattern Generators with individual control of amplitude and equalization as well as the same time base for running off. It has instrument-grade 2.92mm coaxial connectors.

The GUI makes it possible to individually control each TX level, equalization, eye balance, pattern and Gray coding. The user may also inject error sequences into the stream. The receiver features a combination of DFE and FFE equalization that compensates for up to 30 dB of loss at Nyquist and a CTLE equalizer with 10 dB dynamic range. It also allows advanced troubleshooting capabilities by showing separate LSB and MSB BER, offering targeted error-insertion and allowing real-time monitoring of the received signal levels’ histogram, SNR and receiver equalizer tap values.