ML4002 (45)


QSFP28 Passive Loopback Module ML4002-28 is used for testing QSFP/QSFP28 transceiver ports under board level tests. By substituting a full-featured QSFP/ QSFP28 transceiver with the ML4002-28, the electrical loopback will provide a cost effective low loss method for QSFP/QSFP28 port testing.

The ML4002-28 is packaged in a standard MSA housing compatible with all QSFP/QSFP28 ports. Transmitting data from the host is electrically routed (internal to the loopback module) to receive data outputs and send them back to the host. It provides an economical way to exercise QSFP/QSFP28 ports during R&D validation, production testing, and field testing.

The ML4002-28 provides QSFP/QSFP28 power Class 1, 2, 3 or 4 (standard) loading using a customer supplied +3.3V voltage supply.

Also available in 8W version with a programmable power dissipation up to 8W  (ML4002-28-8W).