The ML4002-28-3dB-IND is a QSFP28 passive electrical loopback module which is a hot pluggable form factor designed for high speed testing application for QSFP host ports. The ML4002-28-3dB-IND is designed for 100 Gigabit Ethernet applications and provides 4x28G RX and TX lanes, I2C module management interface and all the QSFP SFF hardware signals.

The ML4002-28-3dB-IND loops back 4-lane 28Gb/s transmit data from the Host back to 4-lane 28Gb/s receive data port to the Host.

The ML4002-28-3dB-IND provides programmable power dissipation up to 5.5W allowing the module to emulate all the QSFP28 power classes.