Below is a list of high speed scopes and BERTs that form an integrated extension to Advantest’s V93000 ATE tester. In addition to these instruments, Multilane offers turnkey solutions for ATE testing.

The solution includes application development, DUT load-board design, and embedded high-throughput application libraries. These solutions enable fully automated, at-speed testing of high-speed I/O devices at up to 112 Gbps.

Part number Description
AT4039D 4-lane, 56 Gbps (28 GBaud) BERT cassette
AT4039E 4-lane, 112 Gbps (56 GBaud) BERT cassette
AT4025 4-channel, 50 GHz bandwidth digital sampling oscilloscope cassette
AT4079B 8-lane, 30 GBaud BERT cassette, NRZ/PAM4
AT4039EML 4-lane, 112 Gbps (56 GBaud) BERT with single-ended high-amplitude outputs for driving EMLs
AT93000-SMPM-EXT SMPM blind-mate extraction tool (optional)
AT93000-TWINN Twinning frame assembly (includes backplanes and their stiffeners, metal brackets, RF pogo brackets, pressurized air-cooling system, cable feedthrough, power supply and housing, power cabling)
71W-18K2-18K6-00380A Rosenberger blind-mate load-board cables, 38 cm Typical load-board connectors: either SMPM or 1.85 mm
1900002 Family board
AT93000-CALKIT Calibration kit (optional) for BERT and DSO (stiffener with PCB and break outs to ML4035 and other references, RF cables and pogo brackets)